Legal Services in Moscow, Russia (for private individuals)

Legal Services in Moscow, Russia (for private individuals)Russian labor market is one of most attractive in the world. However, it is a real challenge for a private individual to work in Russia, as today it is an intensely competitive marketplace with a host of very specific national variables. In this environment, disputes are inevitable. Navigating them successfully requires a combination of exceptional local knowledge and experience.

At Capital Legal Partners our lawyers and attorneys will identify your problems before they even emerge, analyse your legal risks and liabilities. If disputes happen, we will devise and implement the right strategy that will get you a result you want.

If litigation is required, our experts have the unique knowledge and experience to take the most complex issues to the Russian courts, fighting aggressively and intelligently on your behalf. If arbitration, mediation or other forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution are considered to be the best option, our attorneys are the most experienced and knowledgeable experts in this field.


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