Legal Services in Moscow, Russia


Legal Services in Moscow, Russia (for corporate clients)

At Capital Legal Partners, we fully understand how difficult it is to work in Russia. Protecti...


Legal Services in Moscow, Russia (for private individuals)

Russian labor market is one of most attractive in the world. However, it is a real challenge fo...


Legal Support in Moscow, Russia for corporate and private clients

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Capital Legal Partners - Full-service Russian law firm in Moscow

Capital Legal Partners is a full service Russian law firm in Moscow, which presents a full spectrum of legal services for private individuals and corporate bodies operating in Russia.

We, like nobody else, fully understand how difficult it is for a foreign company or private individual to work in Russia, where you have to comply and act according to the most difficult and controversial laws, procedures and regulations, operate within highly competitive and unstable market under permanent pressure from governmental bodies and institutions. In this environment, disputes and conflicts are inevitable. Navigating them successfully requires exceptional combination of rich experience and local knowledge.

At Capital Legal Partners, we understand what you are up against. We advise and make sure that our corporate clients comply with all legal requirements and operate within the legal boundaries. We help to overcome all difficulties, which our clients may encounter during their operation in Russia and fully utilize all unique opportunities, which exist in the Russian market.


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